Stillness is Awesome

That’s a word that gets thrown around so much that when we hear it now we immediately take it for hyperbole - “an awesome piece of pizza”, “an awesome super bowl commercial”, “an awesome pair of socks.” Louis C.K. did a great bit about these sorts of words - he chose ‘Hilarious’ and ‘amazing’.

“You were amazed by a basket of chicken wings, really?…What are you going to do with the rest of your life now? What if something really happens to you? What if Jesus comes down from the sky and makes love to you all night long and leaves the new living lord in your belly? What are you going to call that?”

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What is Stillness Touch?

Stillness Touch is another name for Biodynamic Cranial Touch (both names coined by Charles Ridley, founder of the Dynamic Stillness School). The name “Biodynamic Cranial Touch” honors the lineage of Cranial Osteopathy that the work evolved out of. For someone with no background in osteopathy or Craniosacral Therapy, the name “Stillness Touch” may be a bit easier to grok, because that is what the work is - a very deep, transformative stillness being transmitted through touch.

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Understanding Your Body's Innate Intelligence

This video is both a great explanation and a powerful transmission - watching how the stuff of life behaves intelligently with no brain as we conceive of it. The rates of movement of the protoplasm correspond with what’s known in Biodynamics as Long Tide. Medicine has come along since this was made, so there are statements made such as, “You cannot unclot blood” which were true at the time the video was made, but are no longer true. The rest of the video holds up.

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